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Your ROI-focused window into reality. 

While we provide a specialist value modeling tool, at our core, we are a Services Company. Our true strength lies in our ability to generate business intelligence and leverage it to enhance benefits while reducing costs and waste.

Our Invest product gives you the power to model the value-flow through your whole organisation in one live and connected tool - providing the predictive, value-led view of reality you can use to steer towards your objectives and adapt to the changing world. 


Embedding ROI in your Change System 

Predictive Business Modelling sets itself apart from OKRs & Delivery Tools by integrating change components (e.g., OKRs and Epics) to create a holistic, predictive business lens that encompasses the entire change system.  

The Invest software model solution is at the heart of everything we do; providing the business reality you need to understand, not the story people want you to hear.  

With the ability to see it, now you can do something about it. 


Clarity in Complexity

  • Connects the core data elements of Change across your business at a summary level, and learns from the past to project the future

  • Defines your strategic goals, translates them into monetary Benefits / ROI, and provides realistic forecasts vs target expectations (strategic divergence)

  • Defines the learning & adaption paths all the way to achieving strategic goals, and enables prioritisation by Benefit Contribution & ROI

  • Models the resources that are in place to execute your roadmaps and calculates what’s needed to hit your targets

  • Uses learned velocity to provide realistic forecasts of Benefit and Time/Cost, and enables real-time value-led scenario analysis to test any remediation action 

Align Behind Clear, Measurable Outcomes

Having business outcomes at the centre of the work you do provides direction and common purpose for your whole organisation. By setting a clear vision and mapping your work directly to your outcomes, you initiate value-driven conversations over task-driven ones. 


Realistic, Long-term Projections & Early Warning

Make business benefit the primary focus by tracking the measures that actually matter. By being able to forecast realistic monetary Benefit and ROI, not just deliverables and cost, you gain the foresight to make changes in advance. If you see you’re falling short of a target deadline, you can adjust ahead of time – rather than things blowing up when it’s too late. 

Define & Visualise Your Implementation Strategy

Break down your scope with a value-driven mindset. Understand you actually have choices & pick where you want to go next. Encourage a commercially-minded approach to take the most valuable path. Cooperate between teams to produce minimum viable solutions that release the most value. Learn, iterate & adapt based on previous experience. 


Prioritise to Maximise Value Contribution and ROI 

Mathematically map increments to outcomes for full visibility of the cost, benefit and strategic ROI of each task. Get more bang for your buck by using this to prioritise your backlog based on where the most value lies. 

Compare the Strategic Contribution of Your Portfolio

Use a common currency (ROI) to to get live business insights across your whole portfolio. Track forecasts, measure progress and see the how change at one level impacts the whole system with fully connected metrics. Get instant visibility of outcome progress across your individual products or projects and prioritise to yield the best results. 


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