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Helping top businesses achieve their goals.

Our clients have applied our value-led change approach in numerous settings and diverse ways, consistently achieving significant financial returns.

Case Study 1
Consortium-based Start-up



Our Client, was a rapidly growing, consortium based start-up that wanted to implement a fully agile approach, from the Board room to teams on the ground.

> New start up focussed on enabling on-chain, peer-to-peer payments in wholesale banking markets

> From research project to Series A, and Series B

> 50 direct employees, 100 heavily involved external resources

> 15 Global Banks, 5 Central Banks, 4 external vendors

> Complex legal, technical and financial architecture


> The creation of a ground breaking fully Agile organisation design

> The provision of core business model & method

> The outsource of change management, including an Agile PMO and scrum master support

> Coaching and upskilling


Case Study 2
UK Insurance Company



A sizeable change initiative was nearing completion, with the CIO seeing to establish new Agile working practices for all future delivery.

> £250M+ budget, 3 year+ duration.

> 500-700 dedicated resources, 18 skill based silos / 11 technology vendors.

> A new end-to-end architecture, including 33 new technology components.


Cedus were engaged in 3 areas:


> Capability transformation, including methodology implementation, to support all future delivery.

> Business direction setting & Portfolio definition for the main insurance business line.

> Ran the PMO for the historic change program.


Case Study 3
Global Investment Bank



The largest ever FX re-platforming for the IB was struggling from lack of business focus and transparency.

> £200M+ budget, 4 year programme.

> 400+ person global change initiate.

> End to end re-platform of FX business and supporting technology solution.


Cedus were asked to help in 3 areas:

> Re-establish Risk Programme objectives and cut wasteful initiatives.

> Get Risk programme delivery back on track, uniting business & technology.

> Build project team to maintain focus.


Case Study 4
Agile Service Provider



Our Client, who specialises in near-shore service provision, required a strong coach/scum-master to support one of their Client near-shore projects.

> New cloud based payments platform, now live.

> 9 teams, scrum of scrums.

> 100 people programme, 9 Teams.

> Complex technical architecture.


Cedus were asked to help in 3 areas:

> Coaching / Scrum master support for up to three delivery teams.​

> Digitalised approach to support on-off shore mix.

> Implementation scrum-of-scrums, Kanban, Pair programming.

Agile service

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"Cedus' people, method and model help us make data-driven decisions on a regular basis and enable us to execute our strategy effectively"


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