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Creating the
value-led change
capability to succeed.

Although strong value-led thinking is at our core, we're an engaged, energetic and approachable team who understand that any positive change begins with people. We always make time to understand your business and collaborate with you on solutions that fit your individual needs. 


What Our People Provide

We bring genuine thought-leadership, specialism in value-led change, predictive modelling expertise and an honest, high-trust approach that sets us apart. 


Our guiding principle is to show people the business reality they need to see, not just tell them what they want to hear. We understand that the truth is often inconvenient but facing into reality early and course correction is actually the only path to success. 

Strategy aligned to Delivery 


Value/ROI as the core currency  


Holistic business lens  


Realistic forecasts & early warning 


Optimised resource allocation 


Our Predictive Business Intelligence framework has helped many of the world's leading organisations increase to turn strategy into reality, through increased business clarity and the ability to steer towards their strategic objectives.  

Whether it be organisational design, portfolio management, project delivery, coaching or anything else; you can be confident that we'll get you to where you want to be. 

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Our Range of Services

Once we understand your business and what you want to achieve, we can help propose the best service to address your challenges and meet your individual needs, in a time and cost structure that suits you.

Community Membership

Be at the forefront of the latest value-led change thinking:

> C-Suite meet-ups & networking events 

> Thought leadership papers & in-depth market studies

> Value-led change  webinars & newsletter

Training & Accreditation

Learn about a value-led approach to change.

Targeted training for business leaders & delivery teams

Free Value-led Change Overview

> Module-based accreditation


Execute value-led change yourself.


Predictive Business Model with Invest software licenses

Value-led change methodology & knowledge base

Data structuring, dashboards, insights & scenario modelling

Value-led Change

Create value-led change capability in your organisation.

Project, Programme & Portfolio Management

Advanced PMO, insights & governance

> Data structuring, audit & assurance

Coaching & WoW

Value-led Change  Delivery

Deliver initiatives using value-led change.

 Project, Programme & Portfolio Delivery

Advanced PMO, insights & governance

Scrum Master Modellers

Data structuring, Audit & assurance


A Structured Approach

We measure your capability across 8 critical business areas to help you understand your problems at root cause.  Using data we plot where you are vs where you need to be, we create the bespoke solution you need to get there. 

1. Discover

Understand your business and prove the power of value-led change in your organisation

2. Build

Build the value-led change capability you need to succeed 

3. Operate & Embed 

Embed the capability so that value creation is at the heart of the way the organisation thinks and acts

Purpose & Results


Solution Roadmaps

Delivery Capability

External Engagement



MI & Education

Outcome Governance

Single-team Delivery

Capability Maturity Model




How Can We
Help You?

Want to see how we've applied this thinking to some real world examples? Take a look at what our clients have to say.

Take a look at our talented coaches and consultants who are committed to delivering results for your business.

See how we leverage the power of modelling to provide a single, realistic representation of your whole organisation.

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