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What makes us tick?

We're a diverse group of thinkers from all over the UK and our value-led approach is very different to other change management or strategy consultancies you may have used or worked for in the past. 

Take a look and learn more about our story.


Our Mission

To transform change and transformation into  measurable profit centres and leading contributors of strategic competitive advantage 


The Cedus Story

10 years ago the Cedus founders, with a combined 50 years experience in Strategic Change & Transformation, took pause for thought.  They were troubled by what they had seen over their careers.  Something just wasn’t right. 


Although business leaders often knew where they needed to go, they struggled to turn it into a reality. Strategic initiatives seemed to quickly evolve into a seemingly disconnected set of technical deliverables and end up in failure or crisis, with no measurable benefits or return-on-investment in sight.  Its didn’t seem to matter if a waterfall or agile approach was used, strategic change initiatives never seemed to focus on tangible value creation. Given the central rational of change is to invest X to achieve Y, this seemed to be somewhat missing the point. 


As one strategic initiative failed a new one would emerge, and usually be structured in a very similar way to the one that preceded it.  Like a bee buzzing against a window, organisations seemingly never learning from what had gone before. No matter how much money was thrown at strategy execution these broken approaches failed time and time again. This challenge was compounded by the ever increasing pace of industry competition & disruption, combined with external factors like Brexit, Covid, Ukraine & Energy Prices. Not only were the approaches broken, the scale, complexity and urgency of the change they needed to cope with was getting increasingly challenging. 


Large amounts of money were invested, and highly experienced resources put in charge, so why did failure keep happening? To answer this the founders took a deep dive into the heart of the change system - the problem was clear - value and monetary benefit was completely missing in most change systems and people-based estimates meant that all forecasts were miles away from reality. The world was operating blindfolded.  No wonder there were so many problems!

Our Story

Strategy aligned to Delivery

Leadership, delivery teams and key stakeholders must be driven by both business goals and value creation


ROI as the core currency

The core currency of the system must be tangible value or its impossible to make the right decisions

Holistic, Predictive business lens

Governance must be emersed in business reality, good or bad, if it is to steer to success on a consistent basis

Realistic forecasts & early warning

Long-term, velocity-adjusted forecasts of cost, benefit, ROI and time must be in place that will indicate future issues

Optimised resource allocation

All organisations have limited resources, so its essential to allocate them in the way which will realise the best return 

Then there was a lightbulb moment.


A solution that would address the fundamental missing ingredient of ROI and poor predictability in one go was a connected model that brought all of the component parts of change together, translated them into monetary cost and benefit and used Machine Learning to help project the future - Predictive Business Modelling was born. 

But the solution organisations needed was broader than just a software model. People needed to think differently, act differently, create good information in areas where little understanding or capability existed, keep the model up to date and understand what their intelligence was telling them. So, where the founders ended up was that the solution was a range of services powered by Predictive Business Modelling, and with the core philosophy of building internal capability over time so that organisations could support themselves. 

Cedus was born and the team have spent over 10 years using these ROI-led change services to help organisations execute their strategies. 

Our Company Culture

We're incredibly proud of the culture we've built at Cedus. Everyone in the business is passionate about helping businesses realise their ambitions and our consultants are empowered to innovate, create and implement practical solutions to get there. 


Constant learning is extremely important to us. As such, we have built robust support networks and feedback loops to ensure our whole team are in the best environment to learn, grow and develop themselves as thought-leaders and as people. 

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