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ROI-led Change & Transformation

Embedding measurable ROI at the heart of change​

The ROI Gap

There is a fundamental gap in Change - Despite a focus on ‘value’, when you inspect most change systems its impossible to see realistic ROI, monetary benefits or cost.​

Consequences of the ROI Gap

The absence of ROI transparency compromises every part of the change system, and directly contributes to the 70% failure rate that has plagued Change for decades.​​

So what do Cedus do?

We use 3 core capabilities to embed an ROI capability at the heart of any change system, product or service.

ROI Change & Transformation Experts​

Specialist modelling software​

Proven Method ​

The ROI-Led Change capability is transformative, enabling cost savings and vastly increasing the chances of success.​

Embedding An ROI-Led Change Capability​​

An effective ROI-led Change capability requires dedicated focus and specialist expertise; and cannot be relegated to a secondary role within an already busy team. ​​
Our ROI-Led Change Experts embed  5 essential ingredients for long-term success.​

ROI-led Mindset

Team-wide focus on monetary benefits & ROI

ROI-led Roles

Create dedicated value creation roles​​

ROI-led Expertise

Build specialist skills in ROI-related activities ​​

ROI-led Tooling

Implement specialized ROI Modeling tooling​​

ROI-led Processes

Add ROI considerations to the change system​​

Problems we Solve

Inability to see business reality 


Poor or unknown monetary benefits


Unforeseen cost overruns 


Blindness to risks / no early warning 


Inability to course-correct 

What to Expect