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ROI-led Change & Transformation

Embedding measurable ROI at the heart of change​

The ROI Gap

There is a fundamental gap in Change - Despite a focus on ‘value’, when you inspect most change systems its impossible to see realistic ROI, monetary benefits or cost.​

Consequences of the ROI Gap

The absence of ROI transparency compromises every part of the change system, and directly contributes to the 70% failure rate that has plagued Change for decades.​​

So what do Cedus do?

We use 3 core capabilities to embed an ROI capability at the heart of any change system, product or service.

ROI Change & Transformation Experts​

Specialist modelling software​

Proven Method ​

The ROI-Led Change capability is transformative, enabling cost savings and vastly increasing the chances of success.​

Embedding An ROI-Led Change Capability​​

An effective ROI-led Change capability requires dedicated focus and specialist expertise; and cannot be relegated to a secondary role within an already busy team. ​​
Our ROI-Led Change Experts embed  5 essential ingredients for long-term success.​

ROI-led Mindset

Team-wide focus on monetary benefits & ROI

ROI-led Roles

Create dedicated value creation roles​​

ROI-led Expertise

Build specialist skills in ROI-related activities ​​

ROI-led Tooling

Implement specialized ROI Modeling tooling​​

ROI-led Processes

Add ROI considerations to the change system​​

Problems we Solve

Inability to see business reality 


Poor or unknown monetary benefits


Unforeseen cost overruns 


Blindness to risks / no early warning 


Inability to course-correct 

What to Expect

Strategy aligned to Delivery 


ROI as the core currency  


Holistic business lens  


Realistic forecasts & early warning 


Optimised resource allocation 

Training & Accreditation

Master ROI change: training to accreditation.​

● Targeted leadership and team training​

 Value-led change strategies​


 Hands-on ROI software trial​


 Earn ROI accreditation modules​

Product ROI Slicing

Segment scope into ROI-driven value slices.

● Define EPIC value​

● Create value chains​

● Forecast costs and benefits​

● Incremental value realization​

Specialist ROI Resource Augmentation​

Immediate ROI boost with expert resources.​

● Access Cedus specialist resources​

● Build internal ROI skills​

● Structure data, craft dashboards​

● Model scenarios for insights​

Transformation for Supported Self-Service​

Independently execute ROI-led change initiatives.​

● Establish specialist roles​

● Use advanced ROI tools​

● Implement ROI methodologies​

● Analyze data for insights​

Managed ROI Change Services​

Fully outsourced, comprehensive ROI change management.​

● Own program/project delivery​


● Manage change effectively​

● Direct PMO/Value POD operations​


● Analyze investment opportunities, create business cases​

Who We've Helped

And see what they've said!

Asset 14_4x.png

Since 2015, we've been using ROI to help world-leading organisations achieve success. We'll get you there too.


"Cedus' people, method and model help us make data-driven decisions on a regular basis and enable us to execute our strategy effectively"


"Without Cedus, we would be miles behind where we are now - or perhaps even nowhere at all. More than just the model, the individual people have been fantastic."


"Cedus hit the ground running, quickly getting everyone focused on commercial outcomes and helping us streamline the programmes scope and improved engagement with the IT teams."


Predictive Business Modelling

invest-big (1).png

Predictive Business Modelling sets itself apart from OKRs & Delivery Tools by integrating change components (e.g., OKRs and Epics) to create a holistic, predictive business lens that encompasses the entire change system. 


The Invest software model solution is at the heart of everything we do; providing the business reality you need to understand, not the story people want you to hear. 


With the ability to see it, now you can do something about it. 


About Cedus

We're a diverse group of thinkers from all over the UK and our approach is very different to other change management or strategy consultancies you may have used in the past. Take a look and learn more about our story.

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