Cedus helps you to run change as a business
to achieve your outcomes

  • Our innovative solution uniquely plus a live, self-learning ‘investment model’ at the heart of change

  • We model and connect business outcomes, KPIs, prioritised delivery increments, resources and assets

  • We disrupt the norm of fundamentally broken and systemically failing change projects

  • We work with organisations who are tired of the status quo and believe there can be a better way

Cedus Solves The Broken Pattern Of Change

The broken pattern change is evidenced by silo’d culture, misinformation and poor focus on real business outcomes, leading to failing projects

The Broken Approach

We address the cultural mindset, method of approach and holistic, unified model to empower rapid, effective delivery, learning and decision making and fix the broken change system at its root cause

The Cedus Approach

Our Services

Our 3 services are geared around defining measurable, traceable business outcomes and the capability you need to achieve them

We train, mentor or are hands on, depending on your need

Specialist Cedus Capabilities

All of our Services leverage 3 ground breaking Capabilities, all focused on running change like a business

I. Mindset – Think Like An Investor

We help people think in the right way. Changing the conversation from ‘cost, time and technical jargon’ to ‘business benefit & return-on-investment’

II. Model – Manage Like An Investor

We provide a unique product called , a live, self-learning change model, housing all parts of the change system in one connected place

III. Method – Act Like An Investor

We provide repeatable / proven ways of working that support an investment mindset – owned by you / tailored to you

The Benefits

Focusing on outcomes and ensuring the capabilities are in place to achieve them unlocks significant benefits in most organisation

Increased benefit output (e.g. Benefit improvement of 30%)
Reduced costs (e.g. Project Management / PMO reduced by 60%)
Faster time to market (e.g. releases every day from every few months)
Increased agility (e.g. annual prioritisation to monthly / weekly prioritisation)
Increased forecasting accuracy (subjective planning to trend-based timelines)
Automated, high quality management information (e.g. better decisions)
Happy management, teams, & stakeholders – priceless…

The unique Cedus change tool

A Partnership Approach

Successful engagements are always a partnership and we only help where the ‘fit’ is right for both parties
  • Scope Fit - Large scale, high complexity, cross business or department

  • Cultural Fit - Collaborative, inclusive, motivated to improve

  • Client Commitment - Management support, empowered roles, internal champions, adequate time, rapid blocker resolution

Free Consultation

To rapidly understand how Outcomes and Business Led Change can help, we facilitate a 2-4 hr workshop on a current project, establishing ‘just enough’ of your measurable Outcomes and the model we use to help you assess the value


Please contact us for further information about our Invest model and services





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